With Mother’s Day fast approaching I have been thinking about my relationship with my late mother and my life with  own children and even my sister.  My daughter wasn’t much of a doll girl, she used her dog to play dress up. But my mom and dad worked hard to ensure that my sister and I had our dollies.  In all honesty I didn’t play with my dolls, I designed and built them homes and decorated them.

But at a younger age my sister and I both had these really nifty home made dolls that were actually two dolls!  They were handmade by a lady thru our church [I think] and they were multi-cultural too – now, this was back in the late 60s so I think that is worth noting.  Anway, the dolls were super well made and had a double lined dress of two varying fabrics and the skirt would cover one of the dolls body, arms and face, but when you flipped her over, a whole new doll would appear.  Both dolls had braided yarn hair.

My favorite doll was one I received at Christmas when I was quite young.  Couldn’t believe that Santa brought her to me! It was battery operated so that when I placed a spoon at her mouth she would “chew.”  When fed a bottle of water, she would wee – now isn’t that fun!

Anyway this all led me to Dolls For Daughters, a Denver non-profit that collects new dolls to share with girls at the holidays who would otherwise not receive a gift.   Super organization – read more at http://www.dollsfordaughters.com.

Join us in celebrating Mother’s Day by giving to others!   It is so easy and fun.  Ladies, go pick out a cute dolly and come by Rejuvanest on Sunday May 2 1-4, drop off your doll, have some refreshments.  Challenge your friends too.  Simple!

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